The Campbell Clan

The Campbell Clan

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Playing, Pumpkins and Preschool...

Carter is obsessed with the Hobbit. So when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween he said Gandalf. I tried to talk him in to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but I had no luck. I found a Gandalf costume on Amazon, but I have a hard time spending so much money on a costume. So I tried to piece on together on my own, but totally failed. So I ended up buying the costume and the look on his face and his sheer excitement was so worth the money! 

Watching a little movie on the Ipad...

We went to Davido's birthday party... It was a karate dinosaur party and it was awesome!!

Davido's dad made an obstacle course in the backyard... Amazing!

Carter got to go to the pumpkin patch with his preschool. He was so excited and had a blast! They got to go out to the pumpkin field and pick a pumpkin to bring home. Carter picked a green on because he couldn't get the orange ones off the stems and this one was already off :)

The boys and I took another trip out to the pumpkin patch too. We love this place and look forward to going every year! This year we took the tractor ride out to the pumpkin field...

The boys love the slides and tractors and all the fun stuff to do and see there! And I LOVE the pumpkin donuts :)

Carter had his pictures taken at school. They turned out soooo cute!!! I just love this little boy!

And a little more soccer!!!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Farms, parties and soccer!!!!

There is a little south of our house called Deanna Rose. It is so stinkin cute and we finally were able to make it down there! It was perfect weather and we had a blast! They have animals, old fashioned stores and saloons, and so much more!!

Carter found the old school and practiced writing his name on the blackboard!

We went and visited the cows and practiced milking! 
Chase loves milking!

Then we went to the Indian camp. We looked at all the old relics and listened to them tell an Indian story! 

Then we got to feed the goats... I made the mistake of taking the boys inside instead of feeding them from the fence...

Cause these things were CRAZY!!! They jumped all over Chase and needless to say he did not like the goats... And I didn't really either!

We fed the ducks on the pond...
Then we went and explored all the stores.. the barber shop, the blacksmith, the grocery store. Then we went and saw a lot more animals! The kids played at the playground and then we had a picnic. It was so fun and we will definitely be going back!

We got invited to our friend Jack's birthday at the cutest painting studio. They let the kids get all messy and explore painting, and the parents got to watch from the window! Carter LOVES to paint so he had a great time!! Here he is throwing paint all the wall!

The little painters!

And soccer started again. This season Carter got to play with some friends from preschool, and he loved it! 

Colt, Aiden and Carter...

Let the games begin!

Play time!

Nathan had even more days off.... We could definitely get used to this!!! So we decided to take the boys to the Bass Pro Shop. They had some fun activities for kids planned for the weekend so we went and checked it out.

Fishing for duckies!!

A little treasure hunt!

Some casting lessons...

And a little coloring! 

And of course they wanted their faces painted!

It was fun! And so so nice to have Nathan there!!

There was a little farm not too far from our house that was having a little carnival type thing, so on another of Nathan's days off we checked it out!
Chase really really liked milking the cow :)

They had a little petting zoo...

Chase wasn't too sure about the large pig...

They got to make some playdough...

And they got some swords...

It was a good day :)