The Campbell Clan

The Campbell Clan

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last soccer game for the spring...

Carter had his last soccer game of the spring in May. He did really well this season and it starting to get the hang of soccer. Now that his daddy will have more time away from school, Im sure he will be working on those skills :)

Oh how I love this boy!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I love being a mommy!!

Carter had muffins with mom at preschool, so I got to go spend a little time with this cute man! They made us little presents, served us muffins and juice and then sang a couple of songs for us. It was so cute! I love begin his mom!!!

On Mother's Day I for spoiled with some really nice presents and a lot of love from ALL my boys! Chase however did not give me the one thing I really wanted... a nice picture of me and my boys!

Oh well... He did ok with just me. Apparently he wanted me all to himself :) This boy is definitely a mama's boy, and most of the time I won't complain about that :) I know it will change some day so I just soak in these sweet moments! 
Carter is always willing to cooperate with pictures... and with me 99% of the time. He loves his mama too and is such a little sweet, cuddly boy! I really do have two amazing boys and one incredible husband! I am so blessed!!! I LOVE being a mommy!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mickey Mouse invasion!!!

For Chase's birthday party with friends we had a Mickey Mouse invasion!! This boy loves Mickey and Wreck it Ralph. Just about the only two things on TV that will keep his attention for more than two minutes. It's really really hard to find Wreck it Ralph stuff so we went with good old Mickey! I love doing parties and this was no exception. I had fun putting it together and most importantly Chase had a good time!!

When Chase woke up I put him in his chair to eat breakfast. I had my back turned to him and when I turned back around, he had opened the bag of M&M's I had on the table for part of his birthday and was just munching away! Good breakfast on your birthday!!
He played on his new trike for a while too :)
Some of the decor...

Carter had a soccer game that morning so we took a time out to go watch him play!!

The food!! The most important part:)

Lots of good times with good friends!! Luckily the weather was perfect so everyone could just play outside!

Carter and his buddy Davido...
Chase and Harper were feeding each other and giving hugs... of course they stopped once I got the camera over there!


Lots of helpers opening them!

His little cake!

He didn't know what to think when everyone started singing... It was funny!

Blow out the candles Chase!!

And of course he wanted the cupcake instead of his cake :)

Our favorite little Quinn girl!!

What's in the goody bag!

The cookies I made and put in the goody bags...


Happy birthday Chase!! We sure do love you!!
On a side note...Tisha and the kids sent these masks in the mail! They were a hit!!