The Campbell Clan

The Campbell Clan

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chase at 2...

So after our disastrous family pictures, I still needed some pictures of Chase for his 2 year pictures. So I decided I better do it myself. He did a lot better, but I'm no professional photographer. Here they are!
Here is a little bit about Chase:
His favorite food is chicken nuggets, pancakes, and pretzels.
He LOVES to watch Wreck it Ralph... I'm pretty sure we have seen it 100 times.
He also still loves Mickey Mouse, but not as much as Ralph!
He loves to be outside and is such a boy. Running, scraping knees, squishing bugs, crawling to the highest part at the park so mom has to go get him, digging in dirt and telling the other kids what to do:)
He likes to play with cars and swords, and loves anything that Carter has and always takes it from him!
He talks A LOT!! He is starting to say the funniest things!
He can also be quite a stinker. The tantrums have started and he is very much a stubborn boy. But, he can be sweet and funny the next minute!
He really loves his big brother and is always wanting to play with Carter!
He loves to swim and has no fear. Which scares mommy!!!
He loves to read books and is starting to color a little bit with Carter.
He can make a huge mess in no time flat!!
He is my climber and is always trying to climb on the counter and get candy. And he refuses to sit in a chair when he eats. He has to stand on the chair with mommy or daddy next to him. He is quite particular about some things.
He loves to give kisses and I love to get those kisses! He bring so much joy and happiness into our family and I can't imagine life without our little stinker Chase. He is challenging, but I wouldn't want it any other way! He has the cutest personality and I just love him to pieces!! And his cheeks still bounce when he runs! I LOVE kissing on those cheeks! Love you Chaser!!!

Chase opposes family pictures...

 In May we got family pictures done. Chase has never done that well with pictures and usually doesn't smile unless it is his idea. So I wasn't expecting big smiles out of him, but I didn't expect this! He cried and cried the whole time. He would stop when the lady would put her camera down, but once she put it back up and said smile, he would lose it again. I think there was something about her voice that he didn't like. So here are our latest family pictures! I guess every family has to have some of these right?:) And no amount of bribes or candy would make him stop. Oh well... 

We wanted some pictures of the boys by themselves, and of course Chase was having none of that. But Carter took some pretty cute ones!!!!!

So I guess we will try again in 6 months :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ready for summer!

We were sooo ready for summer to come at our house. The boys love to play outside and we needed to get out!

I love when they play so well together!

Carter is a pretty good older brother :)

I signed the boys up for free bowling for the summer. They had a lot of fun!

Carter started t-ball. There weren't any games, they just taught the kids some basic skills. He LOVED it!!! And he did really well...

Practicing grounders...

Batting practice...

Running the bases...

And of course summer means swim time! We were so excited when Oceans of Fun finally opened up for the season!

And of course it's always nice to go to the pool in our backyard! We bought Carter a puddle jumper this year and he loved it. He swam around like crazy and had so much fun.

Quinn's mommy had a baby so we got to play with Quinn some more!

And I always love looking at this sweet face! Here we come summer!